With future adventurers in mind

We love nature and want future generations to enjoy the beauty and pure happiness of spending time in the outdoors. That’s why we will never stop innovating and finding new ways to make sure our ecological footprint wont stamp on the possibilities of adventurers to come. Our focus lies on developing more efficient use and reuse of resources and material in everything we do. We strive to pioneer outdoor cooking through sustainability in terms of renewable fuel, recyclability and smart use of materials.

While human life expectancy has increased drastically the past 100 years, life expectancy of the products around us appear to decrease. We know that the majority of greenhouse emissions come from the handling of material, resources and products from cradle to grave. By extending the life of our products, it has a substantial impact on the climate and environment.

Our goal is simple - develop products that last a lifetime.


Our compass

The Primus way is a set of guiding principles that govern the way we at Primus strive to conduct business.  

It is a set of guidelines both internal and external which constitute the company’s basic policy on social responsibility, guiding our behavior in daily business activities.

Nature, We seek to make more efficient use of our resources, to find more environmentally friendly alternatives and strive to make our company climate neutral.  

Economic Performance, We are committed to always growing our business responsibly. We take time to  highlight the importance of innovations - innovations can positively impact nature, communities as well as our own business

Societal Responsibility, Our aim is to be open and transparent in all that we do. To openly communicate and be honest with our employees, suppliers and our end consumers will contribute to creating a healthy and well functioning society in all countries we do business. 

Wellbeing, We respect diversity and individual human rights and provide a healthy and safe working environment in which all persons receive fair treatment without discrimination. We oppose enforced labor and child labor and respect fundamental human rights as well as workers' rights.

Innovation is in our dna​

Our focus is on developing effective products that last a lifetime or longer. The longer a Primus stove lives, the lower the climate impact.

Longterm sustainability initiatives

Outstanding durability
Our longterm goal is to develop a climate positive stove. It’s a challenge, but we’re dedicated to overcome any obstacle. In the meantime we work on making the stoves as energy efficient as possible.
Sustainable solutions
We want our products to go on as many adventures as possible. We have a goal of creating rental and sharing hubs for optimizing the use​ of our products.
Innovative function and design
Our longterm goal is to implement renewable fuel and phase out fossil​ fuel and fossil based plastics.

Alley with Nature

When you join Primus and Fenix Outdoor, you become an alley of the outdoors and it's survival

We are part of the quest to create a sustainable and fair future. We need and want you to bring your passion for sustainability onto our teams. 

Through inspiring people to get outside, supporting them to enjoy their time in nature and connecting them to the life-altering possibilities in natural parts of our planet, we are creating new and loyal stewards to protect nature and ensure incredible treks for generations to come.



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