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Niklas Liljedahl

Senior Product and Project Manager – Project & Product management

Department: Product & Supply chain

Current Location: Stockholm

Hometown: Stockholm

Languages you Speak: Swedish, English

What is your first memory in nature?

My first outdoor memory is from when I was ice fishing with my dad on the lake Siljan in Dalarna, Sweden.

Why did you join Primus?

I have always been interested in solving problems, especially technical problems. I studied in Östersund at mid university and in this part of Sweden nature is very present. When I found a opening at a Primus, which is a outdoor brand with focus technical innovations I saw an opportunity to combine nature with engineering! 

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part is to see products come to life from a blank paper and following all the steps to end up in the hands of a user.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Bike, hike and skiing. I also enjoy hockey and floorhockey a lot!

A challenge you are tackling or a skill you are improving.

Since I have a family with two small sons, a big challenge is to find the time I would like to spend outdoors. So I really need to prioritize this more.

What makes you most proud of your job?

I am most proud when I see that products I have been involved developing, makes it easier for users to enjoy nature.

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